This is our most popular preventative maintenance plan, as we treat every three months to ensure whatever “bug” season it is, your home or business will be protected. On the initial visit, your home or business interior and exterior will be inspected thoroughly, allowing us to utilize the key products for your property and potential pest concerns. Spider webs will be removed and then your exterior perimeter of your home or business will be treated, focusing on the foundation, window/door/garage frames, and other access points that are found.

Treating your home or business interior will be based on two factors:

  • Amount and location of pest activity found

  • What you the home/business owner feel comfortable with

Some customers want total protection and prevention year round, as they simply want to remain pest free. Other customers know they have specific pest problems throughout the year, and their goal is to save money as our quarterly preventative maintenance plan is more cost effective than multiple “one-time” treatments. To help determine if you would benefit from our quarterly service, schedule a free inspection and quote today.

For your Home, Business or Lake Property