Keep dangerous rodents out! Dealing with a rodent infestation that won’t budge? Leitchfield Exterminating, Inc. offers the best rodent exclusion services that protect homes and families throughout South-Central Kentucky from mice, rats and other rodents for the long haul. Rodent droppings can spread bacteria, contaminate food sources, and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Keep your home and family protected from all the risks with rodent control solutions provided by Leitchfield Exterminating, Inc. Don’t risk costly structural damage, get rid of rodents today.

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Mice and Rats

Mice and rats can lead to serious trouble for you and your home or business. These rodents not only can contaminate food, but also can cause structural damage to your home. They reproduce rapidly, so having the problem taken care of by professionals at the first sign of infestation is imperative. It only takes the size of a dime for a mouse to get in and the size of a quarter for a rat. Pest control on mice and rats need to be a multi-facetted approach to eliminate the rodents from your home or business. Block entryways into your home and areas in your home that provides food and hiding places for mice. Steel wool or copper mesh are good solutions to build a barrier into small spaces where rodents can enter. Let Leitchfield Exterminating, Inc. help make your home rodent proof.

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